Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Sorry these first three pictures are blurry, I took them on my Blackberry over the last few days. Here is a picture I mentioned in an earlier post- Jett and Hazel together on Saturday night. Jett is about 6 weeks older than Haz.

On that same day, Gus and Haz had fun playing together right before nap time. I really enjoy watching them sleep in my big bed during nap. Cuddling with them during nap was one of my favorite things to do this summer when I was home with both of them, and I miss it very much.

My super cute smiler!

Rice cereal has been going much better this week with Hazel. I would like to try green vegetables next week. I am still partially in shock by how old she is getting so quickly. This week for some reason it is hitting me hard. Her being able to sit nearly alone. Her gobbling down her cereal. Her laughs and constant attempts at vocalizing. Her recognizing Gus, Josh and I and turning toward us when we speak her name. Where did my little baby go? I definitely can't imagine being done having children. I know that we don't want any more kids right now, and who knows if I'll change my mind later once we have children and not infants/toddlers, but I can't imagine closing this chapter of our lives. Hazel is just growing so fast- I feel like I'm missing something every day that I leave her to go to work. I really hope we decide to have another little baby later on. I really love being a mommy.

Look at that messy face!

Later we went to the park. Before we know it it will be too cold to go to the park, as summer ends and fall begins, winter will be quickly approaching.

I pulled both the kiddos in the wagon and they had fun. Gus straddled Hazel and hugged her the whole way there; he is such a good big brother.

Gus loves the playground equipment. There isn't a lot of it, but what is there is all safe for his age and ability.

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ToTalkToReba said...

Traci- You make me smile! You are such a good mom... we need more people in the world like you!!!!! Thanks for the books...that was so sweet of you!