Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clogs, Hawks and Baptisms

This homemade apple pie seems innocent enough, right? Yummy, gooey, Cinnamon goodness, right? Guess again. This little pie, and another, clogged my kitchen sink when the disposal couldn't break down the apple peelings created in making it. Would you spend $108 on this pie? I did- in plumbing.

Already a Hawkeye cheerleader.

Beat State! After three years of having babies and nursing, I finally got to enjoy a Hawkeye game! We didn't tailgate- two little ones make the experience, well, different- but Josh and I did make it to the game.

Nick had great seats, he even had some empty ones next to him, so at halftime we went down and sat in them.

At Parker and Kenny's baptism on Sunday.

Hazel was pretty adorable.

I was Parker and Kennedy's Godmother, and Josh was Parker's Godfather. Uncle Nick was Kennedy's Godfather. It was a nice ceremony- very interactive. They attend a nontraditional Catholic church (is that an oxymoron?), which was a fun change of pace. However, Gus didn't do too well with less structure (no pews to block him in, etc), but it was interesting.

The McCollom family.

Pretty in pink.

Keenan (Brandon's brother Lance's son) and Gus. On a broken picnic table.

Steph, Lance's wife (Brandon's sister and law) cuddling with Hazel. These two were buddies all weekend... I think they are ready for another baby. A little girl would be the perfect addition to their family.

Gus's favorite landmark between the Kansas and Iowa drive. Gus was sleeping when we drove by "Big Cowboy" so I took a picture of it for him.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Mmmm..I definately think that pie is worth $108 - looks delicious!! The kiddos are sure getting big :)

ToTalkToReba said...

Sorry the pie cost $108!! You might never make one again at that price! :) I love seeing you and your family. You look great, by the way!