Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nice Weekend Home

Haz has had a bit of hard weekend. I hesitate to say that she is teething (I said this for like 8 months before Gus got any teeth) but she has been much more irritable than usual. You couldn't tell by this picture though! She still had her adorable moments and gave us plenty of laughs to go with the frowns. Hard to believe that she turns 5 months old tomorrow!

She is starting to sit up on her own. She still needs some propping once in awhile, but overall, she seems to be progressing right on track for her age.

She'll hate me someday for posting these pictures, but I just can't resist. She is so much fun!

Look at that chubbiness!

Gus and his crazy hair after his bath tonight.

We had a nice weekend. Josh worked his first Saturday this weekend- he's back to 6 days a week for the next several months. But, I enjoyed spending time with the kids here at home on Saturday. Last night we went over the the Hayes home and ate pizza while we watched some football (sigh, Hawkeyes). I put some pics from my phone of Hazel and Jett (who is about 6 weeks older than Haz) on Facebook if you're interested. We tried rice cereal again today with Hazel and she finally took to it. She did great! She gobbled it up and really truly swallowed it all this time. I am going to start giving her cereal one time a day this week and if it goes well, will try some green vegetables next week.
Today Josh and I cleaned the house- we even shampooed the carpets! Our home had been neglected for several weeks so it feels good to have that caught back up. Nothing special planned for the week, but I'll try to post again soon. I am having a hard time keeping my posts as regular as I used to, but will hopefully get back into the swing of things (ya know, 2 young kids, teaching 8 classes, Josh working at 3 centers) and will start to feel like we have a routine.

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Holy Smokes Hazel looks SO SO SO much like Gus did as a baby :) I can't believe she's 5 months already. Wow-za!! Time for another??? haha