Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funny Pics!

Josh took this picture at the Sweet 16 game in St. Louis on Friday night. Although the Panthers lost, he still had a good time. He hung out with some old friends from Ventura at the game and afterward.

Gus helping me grade papers yesterday. He likes to play with the rubber bands and paper clips (and did I mention the pen scribbles on the kitchen floor?). And, yes, he put this clip in his hair by himself. He must think it looks like one of my hair barrettes.

Kinda blurry, but Gus wearing two pairs of my sunglasses tonight.

Ever since we went to the water park over spring break, Gus has treated his bath like a pool. Tonight he went one step further than he has ever before, he floated on this back! Josh was so nervous the whole time, but Gus loved it!

This one is out of order, but Gus smiling with daddy last night.

More from the bath tonight.

We have been busy this past week. From Josh venturing to St. Louis on Friday and Saturday, to Gus having a little temperature over the weekend, to the gorgeous weather we have had the last few days. Earlier today I also had another doctor appointment. I am now 1 cm dilated, not that that necessarily means anything, but with Gus I was never dilated until after I was induced. In fact I was induced at 38 weeks with Gus, so that would be like being induced one week from today- Yikes! This little gal will be here before we know it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

72 and Snowy

What strange weather we have been having lately. This weekend we got almost a foot of snow in KC, the biggest snowstorm we have had this year! But it has been warm too. Yesterday on my way home from work, there were kids playing outside in shorts and t-shirts in the 72 degree weather, but what were they throwing? Not baseballs. They were throwing snowballs! Weird weather. Today the snow is all melted. So, yesterday I took Gus to the park and got a few pics. He was so excited to play outside on the equipment that I couldn't get him to hold still long enough to take any really good pictures.
Yesterday I also went back to the doctor. All continues to be well. I am not dilated, but am slightly effaced, so things are starting to slowly happen. Hard to believe I'll have this little girl in my arms in less than a month. I go back to the doctor Tuesday- every week now from this point on. Hopefully this weekend we can get the final preparations completed for her arrival, like install the car seat, put together the double stroller, hang up items on her nursery walls, and buy a few little things that we still need for her.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet 16 Baby!

Josilin and Gus.

Avery and Kacy.

Kacy, Brea and Gus.

Cade and Avery.

Gus, Rian, Andi, Kacy, Avery and Cade.

Gus riding a little submarine in the hotel arcade.

Grandma at her birthday meal with all her grand kids.

Daddy and Gus at Coco Key Water Resort this week. Gus was a little fish! He loved the water so much- which was kind of a shock, as swimming lessons didn't go as well as we had wanted this past winter.

Gus going down the slides with daddy. He even went down two times by himself!

Running through the water!

Shae and Gus.

Gus and Ty.

Cade and Andi.

Shae, Avery and Rian at Dave and Busters arcade.

Gus loved winning tickets!

St. Patricks Day at Kelly's at Westport.

Pat, Paulette and a leprechaun.

Gus in his green.

And, how can I post tonight without mentioning... UNI is in the Sweet 16! AND they got there by beating out KU! Can't wait to see what my students say this week, as many of them are also KU students and live in Lawrence. Watching the game about made me go into labor! Go Panthers Go!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Belly Pic

Here is me tonight at 34 weeks, 4 days. I'm just not sure how I can get much bigger; there is just no more room for baby to grow!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Panthers!

Gus a few nights ago, just hanging out in his Diego chair with his feet up. Happy with his snack, water, blanky and baby.

We went to St. Louis this past weekend to pick up a changing table from Trish and Steve. While we were there, Trish watched Gus for us so that we could go to the UNI vs. Wichita State MVC Tournament championship game. Go Panthers! Off to the NCAA Tournament!

Playing outside with his cousins. Our SUV said it was 68 degrees outside in St. Louis on Sunday!

Aunt Trish helping Gus ride the scooter.

Kacy and Andi riding their bikes.

Gus trying out a bike for the first time. He had a lot of fun! We have one for him from Gma Sue on his first birthday, but up until now he hasn't been ready for it.

On Saturday, Gus and I played outside in the warmer weather. It was around 55 degrees, so we enjoyed it. It has been even warmer the last few days. I can't wait until spring is officially here!

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 34 week appointment. All is well. I am measuring right on and have no unusual complaints. Just a little swollen, but all in all, I am doing good. I go back in two weeks, and then after that, each week. We are getting closer and closer to having the nursery ready, and last night we polished up Gussie's room- took down the crib, hung new curtains, put on his new sheets and big boy bedspread.