Wednesday, March 24, 2010

72 and Snowy

What strange weather we have been having lately. This weekend we got almost a foot of snow in KC, the biggest snowstorm we have had this year! But it has been warm too. Yesterday on my way home from work, there were kids playing outside in shorts and t-shirts in the 72 degree weather, but what were they throwing? Not baseballs. They were throwing snowballs! Weird weather. Today the snow is all melted. So, yesterday I took Gus to the park and got a few pics. He was so excited to play outside on the equipment that I couldn't get him to hold still long enough to take any really good pictures.
Yesterday I also went back to the doctor. All continues to be well. I am not dilated, but am slightly effaced, so things are starting to slowly happen. Hard to believe I'll have this little girl in my arms in less than a month. I go back to the doctor Tuesday- every week now from this point on. Hopefully this weekend we can get the final preparations completed for her arrival, like install the car seat, put together the double stroller, hang up items on her nursery walls, and buy a few little things that we still need for her.

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