Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Official!

Well, it's official. Official faculty photo, official name placard on my door... Yay! We just passed midterms and things are going great.

Fall Fun

Miss Hazel

Mr. Walter


Leaf Fight!

Picnic outside at the park on Saturday with mommy.

The Many Faces of Wally

Into the toilet paper...

Cruising around chairs...

Snuggling with mommy...

Showing off his very first tooth...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And he stands!

At just over 8 months, Wally is pulling himself up and using balance really well. He may work off those chubby thighs yet...

Dr. Hazel Dillavou

Come on baby bro... You can do it!!!!

Two Truths to Motherhood

Okay, so I recently saw these two images on Facebook and had to share them. Lately, I have had two concerns that these images address...

1. I feel like there is not enough time in the day. Time for work... grading, preparing, lecturing, helping students, projects, meetings.... and then Family... diapers, make meals, wash clothes, diapers, potty training, diapers, snacks, games, charts, diapers, activities, workbooks, Play Doh... and Marriage... time together, time alone, arguing, laughing, loving, finances, kids, jobs.... and Friends... Wait.      Friends?      Who has time for friends?

Man I have been a crappy friend the last few years. I have three really wonderful excuses for it, but still, the guilt (and incredible sadness) it brings me...

2. I am back to pre baby size. But post baby pounds do not look the same as pre baby pounds. I like to say that my body has evolved much like a rubber balloon... Once it was firm, tight, shiny and new. Then, once used for it's God given purpose, it became wonderfully round, plush, and beautiful. Everyone wants to touch it! 

Once it became no longer used, it deflated. And now looks thin, gaunt, stretched out and scarred.

My image bothers me a lot. Specifically, my stomach, which looks much like the one above. And the fact that my image bothers me a lot bothers me even more. This photo helps me remember why my tummy, although much different now, is still a place on my body that I should be proud of.

He (Almost) Cruises & She (Almost) Pees on the Potty

Well, it's official. Wally is growing up (tear!!!!)... Here he is pulling himself up, which he does all the time now.  Soon he'll be cruising!

Her reward for staying dry at preschool yesterday was to play at the park. Hazel did great yesterday at school- no accidents. Until as we were leaving the park, walking to the car, I saw dark wet spots start to form down the legs of her pants. Hazel is proving very difficult to potty train. Gus took 3 days, and honestly, he was 100% trained. Hazel is about 70% trained... 2 weeks into it... and she seems cool with that. She is so stubborn! Any suggestions???? Help!

Cousin Fun

A few weekends ago Lindsey and I traded little boys for a night- I took Parker and she took Walter. Some good cousin time!

At our house, we had a firepit- roasted marshmallows and hotdogs. The kids had a nice time.

 Finally made it to one of Kennedys games!

Upclose of Gus' new green glasses.

Buddies- Parker and Hazel