Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deana Rose Farm

The best $3 we ever spent. Gus was so cute on the pony, and so very brave!

He was happy the 'cowboy' got to help him (rather than the cowgirl).

Hazel watched her brother. You have to be 3 years old to ride the horses, so Hazel has a few years to go.

This past Sunday Josh had to work at Deana Rose Farm for the YMCA and Adventure Guides (kind of like Boy Scouts offered through the YMCA). So, we packed up the whole family, helped daddy work for a few hours, and then went into the farm to check out the animals. The kids did great, and for the first time ever (this year that is, he did ride on one with grandma last year at the Cerro Gordo County Fair but mommy and daddy didn't get to see him), Gus rode a horse (a feat even Josh has never accomplished!). Such a brave boy, Gus was a natural. It reminded me of riding ponies and miniature horses and my grandparents house as child.

As far as everything else going on, we are keeping busy with work. Baby number three seems to be growing nicely in my belly. I hit 22 weeks this week, so time is moving on, and baby will be here before we know it.

Chuck E Cheese Please!

The kids posed with Mr. Chuck E. Cheese himself. Gus was amazed and kept trying to touch the poor mouse's face.

Pizza Party!

Gus and Kenny.


Move out of the way, just driving my car.

When I was helping Gus play a game, I turned around to check on Hazel and she had climbed up on this toy all by herself!

This past weekend, Lindsey and I were very brave. We took the kiddos, since the daddy's were working, to a huge consignment sale in KC in the morning on Saturday. Afterward, we decided to take them to Chuck E Cheese Restaurant. It was quite the adventure, and overall, I think the kids had a great time. Gus went crazy putting his coins into every machine he could figure out. Hazel was timid- but ate more pizza than the other three kids combined. Kennedy was very mature and helpful, she was even able to count her own winning tickets! And Parker was fun to watch. He wasn't quite old enough to participate fully, but he sure did soak it all in. He enjoyed picking on his big sister whenever he could- he has definitely figured out how to push her buttons, little stinker! Lindsey and I, well we were exhausted afterward. But I am loving having family in KC so much- it still seems a little surreal.


This is her, "Say Cheeeeese" face.

Hazel LOVES her pink cowgirl boots!

Eichmeier's Came to Town

Josh and I went to the Team USA v Team Canada Women's Exhibition Soccer Match at Livestrong Stadium, in KC, KS. It was awesome. Our tickets were through the YMCA and we got to sit in a suite.

Gus at Legends hanging out with the Eichmeiers.

"Don't even think about eating my corn dog skins Gus!"

I was able to get a big smile out of Boston.

Amanda's sister, Molly recently moved to Kansas City so the Scott, Amanda, Preston and Boston came to visit. We were able to meet up with them and eat at TRex on a Saturday afternoon. The kids did a pretty good job of getting along, keeping in mind that they were all afraid of the dinosaurs!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Belly Pic & Bitty

Hello belly! Definitely no longer looking like I "maybe ate one too many burritos" and looking more like, "yep she IS pregnant again"... Here I am at 20 weeks. We are halfway there.

I was able to get some better pictures of Gus at Bitty Soccer, our little guy on the end, #8. He has had three practices, now he has 3 games coming up (tonight will be his first one). Gus really isn't doing well with the whole soccer experience. He is talented enough, even got a goal last practice, but only pays attention about 25 % of the time (at best). He just doesn't have the attention span of the 4-5 year olds on the team. Now that he has been exposed to the sport, maybe next season will be better.

Hazel and I sit on the sidelines and watch. Well sometimes she runs out onto the field, but other than that, we are pretty behaved.

Quick snack break.

"Why did you put all these cones on the ground daddy? Here, I'll pick them up for you..." Gus constantly plays with the cones during practice. Grrrrr...

Gus hiding in the goal net, his favorite place to be naughty during practice.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day

We were finally able to have a play date with the Eichmeier and Hyde families! Here is Finley and Hazel, they are just one day apart in age.

Gus was quite the stinker. He did not want his picture taken. It took some major bribing to get him to sit with the other kids long enough for a photo.

Preston and Gus having a naughty little stare down.

Hazel LOVED having her picture taken!

In order, left to right... Boston (baby) being held by his brother Preston (Eichmeier), Gus, Finley (Hyde) and our little laughing lady Hazel.

Gus and Kennedy at the Viking ice cream shop in Ventura by my parents house.

Out on Papa and Grandma Dillavou's pontoon before we left town on Monday.

Gus had his first night of soccer practice this week. Josh is coaching his team again. I will try to get some better pictures. I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone. He cried more than he played, but the kids on the team are aged 3-5 so I think he felt a little overwhelmed having some 5 year olds on his team who had played before. Fingers crossed tonight goes better...

All is well here. I have had a few doctor appointments for baby, including our ultrasound at which we did not find out the sex of the baby. We are very excited to wait and find out later when little peanut arrives. I am 19-20 weeks now and will try hard to get a belly pic up here soon, as I am monstrous. Huge. Massive. Scared to see what I will look like a few months from now!

Well, love and miss you all. Talk more soon!