Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deana Rose Farm

The best $3 we ever spent. Gus was so cute on the pony, and so very brave!

He was happy the 'cowboy' got to help him (rather than the cowgirl).

Hazel watched her brother. You have to be 3 years old to ride the horses, so Hazel has a few years to go.

This past Sunday Josh had to work at Deana Rose Farm for the YMCA and Adventure Guides (kind of like Boy Scouts offered through the YMCA). So, we packed up the whole family, helped daddy work for a few hours, and then went into the farm to check out the animals. The kids did great, and for the first time ever (this year that is, he did ride on one with grandma last year at the Cerro Gordo County Fair but mommy and daddy didn't get to see him), Gus rode a horse (a feat even Josh has never accomplished!). Such a brave boy, Gus was a natural. It reminded me of riding ponies and miniature horses and my grandparents house as child.

As far as everything else going on, we are keeping busy with work. Baby number three seems to be growing nicely in my belly. I hit 22 weeks this week, so time is moving on, and baby will be here before we know it.

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