Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bubbles & Pumpkins

Tonight we carved a pumpkin!

But before the smiley Jack-O-Lantern outside, we had to clean out the 'guts' of the pumpkin.

Hazel actually loved putting her hands in it!

We bought 3 to do tonight, but after just one pumpkin (and 40 minutes later!) we decided to hold off on the other two. We'll carve those later this month.

It's been awhile since we snapped some pictures of bathtime. Here are a few from one night this past week.

Gus is getting so old. He is not quite 3 1/2.

Hazel went back to Iowa last weekend with daddy (Gus went too!). Although she had fun, she fell and bumped her forehead and scraped up her nose. Poor little lady! She is so tough though; it is easy to tell that she has a big brother.

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