Friday, October 28, 2011

18 Months Old!

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is 18 months old already. She had her 18 months well baby check yesterday afternoon and she is a healthy growing baby girl- almost a toddler! I refuse to call her that until she turns 2 (I guess that means that I'll technically have two babies for a few months when new baby comes in January!). Hazel weighed in at just under 27 pounds (80%), her length was 33 inches (80%) and her big ole noggin was 19 1/4 in (97%). She has some big old brains! Her and Gus both got flu shots and she also had a few more immunizations.

Here are a few of Hazel's accomplishments and favorites so far:

  • Enjoys eating raisons, grapes, bananas, goldfish crackers, mac n cheese, BBQ chips, orange and apple juices, milk, processed cheese slices, scrambled eggs, and toast. Does not like meat (much like her mommy!).

  • Has the funniest personality! She loves to chase you around and try to scare you (this is what she was doing last night to me in the picture above with a toy spider ring). She is starting to cuddle a little more, but only on her own time (kind of reminds me of our old kitty Buster in this regard!). She has the best laugh and is the toughest little cookie I have ever seen.

  • She can say many words (mind you they do not always sound exactly like they are supposed to) but chooses not to most of the time. Some words are: nana, more, juice, no, Dora, nite nite (blankie), baby, bye, Gus, mama, dada, back pack, book, ball, out, pants, and a few others. Most of time Hazel chooses to use nonverbal communication.

  • She can point to her head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly, back, bottom, feet, legs, hands, arms, and fingers.

  • She has a mouthfull of teeth but not a lot of hair.

  • Loves playing with Gus, loves taking baths, 'reading' books, absolutely LOVES dolls and any doll accessories she can find, and loves carrying around purses and bags.

  • She is a daddy's girl (and he can't get enough of it!). Our favorite time to play with her is in the morning. Unlike her brother, she is a morning person.

Sure can't imagine our lives without her... She is so fun to watch grow. We love being her parents. Gus and her are loving little buddies (most of the time!) and we can't wait to give her another sister or brother to play with in a few months.

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