Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Trip to St. Louis

It's darn near impossible to get a photo of all of us looking at the camera, let alone smiling.

Our little Angels.

"Get me outa here!"

Hazel found a nice little place to take a snooze.

Aunt Tricia helping Hazel ride the little tractor.

"Is that a needle?!"

Andi and Gus whispering about something funny!

Kacy and Gus sliding down the huge slide. Before you could get to the top, you had to climb through a maze of hay. Kacy was so helpful with Gus. Josh was thankful he didn't have to go through nearly as many little mazes this year, as Kacy was able to guide a more mobile and responsible Gus.

I made it to the top!

The sun is so bright. Mommy, why did you make me wear long sleeves and pants?

Blasting some corn cobs.

Last weekend we decided to take our annual quick fall trip to a pumpkin patch in St. Louis and visit the Spratt family. It was a quick 24 hour trip, but we all had a nice time. The kids all got along great, and Trish and Steve were wonderful hosts. Thank you!

I had my 25 week appointment this week. Baby is growing nicely. We had another untrasound too, as the one from 5 weeks ago did not give us a clear enough image of baby's face. But, after a very stubborn attempt yesterday, the technician was able to get a good enough image. I am measuring a little big (no surprise there- I feel like a house lately) so at this point doctor said she feels comfortable inducing me up to a week early (and since I had to be induced with the other two) so that will help us plan things out a little better when we get to that point in the pregnancy. We are looking at the end of January as a baby arrival time.

Hazel has her 18 month check up this coming week, so I will be posting her stats soon. She is such an amazing baby girl. Her personality is growing each day and she is constantly amazing us. She is a quiet girl, but so smart- and tough!

Not much else going on. We will see the Varner's a few times this weekend, and have a Halloween party to go to as well. We might buy some rakes and clean up the yard a little this weekend too. I am really enjoying the colder weather, and so are the kids.


Lindsey W said...

You are wearing my shirt!! :)

Coach Campbell said...

I am so going to make a corn cob blaster. Looks like a great time.