Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twinkies and Tans

Gus is an official Royal, baseball jersey and all. Daddy saw these at the game and had to get one for Gus. Super cute!

Josh got some free tickets and a parking pass to the Royals game tonight so he took Gus. They had lots of fun- he just sent me this picture. It was Buck night, and Twinkies were apparently included on the Buck (one dollar) menu. With me so busy with Miss Hazel, daddy and Gus are getting in some good bonding time together this week.

"Maybe I should flip sides so I don't get a sunburn?" Today Hazel spent several hours tanning in the sun (AKA getting rid of jaundice!). Tomorrow hopefully we will get in a few more hours, but her skin tone seems to be getting a little better. She is eating around 3 ounces every 3 hours, so she is doing really well. I think her tummy is already growing!

Monday, April 26, 2010

6 Days Old!

These pics are from a few days ago, but I wanted to post them anyway. Isn't she just the cutest?!?!?!

This was on our first day home from the hospital.

Kennedy and Hazel. Sorry for the random pics, I just took these off of Facebook and posted them in whichever order they came up :) I hate that my camera broke this weekend, ugh!

Gus, Parker, Kennedy and Hazel. The McCollom cousins.

Sorry for the nearly identical pic- once again, until my camera is fixed, I won't have as much control over how I post these on here...

Uncle Brandon and Hazel. She looks like she is nuzzling in for some milk- I think she is going to be very disappointed!

Aunt Lindsey and Hazel.

Kenny and Hazel again :)

Earlier today, at 6 days old!

So sleepy...

Hey good lookin'!

Make a funny face!

Daddy took Hazel in for another blood draw this morning and we found out this afternoon that her bili levels have dropped, albeit slightly, but that means that she will probably be able to recover from jaundice on her own, without the need for phototherapy. She went from 14.4 to 13.8. We will not have anymore blood draws for the time being, assuming I don't notice anything odd in her behavior and predisposition, and her next appointment will be her two week check up, one week from tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hazel Luella Dillavou

Alright, so at first when Josh took this picture I was pretty angry. I was having a very very very painful contraction, probably taken about 1/2 hour before Hazel arrived. But, this is the last picture taken of me pregnant. My labor with Hazel was difficult, but not as long as it was with Gus- 11 hours (not 52 hours!) and 5 minutes of pushing (not an hour and no vacuum assistance needed this time!). I was induced around 9:15 am Tuesday with Pitocin. Although I was already two cm dilated, my cervix had raised very high (it had risen from my last appointment), so my waters could not be broken. After a few hours of pitocin, it had lowered enough to break my waters. By noon I was 5 cm dilated and at 1 pm I had an epidural. Things seemed to be moving slow, but steady. The afternoon is when this all changed. A few hours after the epidural, it started to wear off on my left side, just as it did with Gus, but waaay worse. In fact, although I have no comparison level, I dare say it did not work at all on my left side- it was the most pain I have ever felt in my life. This made it very hard for me relax, and I had to constantly focus on breathing through the contractions. I realize many women choose to deliver naturally, however, I am NOT one of those women. Needless to say, it was a long afternoon. And I had no dilation progress all afternoon either.

At 5 pm, I still had had no more progress, still only 5 cm dilated, the baby had not come down any more and I was only about 80 % effaced. The doctor came in and attached an internal contraction monitor to see if my body was responding to the pitocin anymore and if a not, a Cesarean might be necessary- as baby was not moving down on her own. It was discovered that, just like with Gus, Hazel was stuck. My pelvis must have an odd shape, which makes it difficult for the baby to figure out how to come down the birth canal. It was also discovered that Hazel was face up, rather than face down (just like with Gus), probably attributed to my odd shaped pelvis. The doctor told us to consider a Cesarean, but told me I could wait a little longer- as long as I could handle the pain.

Josh and I talked when everyone left the room and I decided to wait it out one more hour and had the nurses up my pitocin to level 28- which is outrageously high. I never went past level 22 with Gus. This made the pain nearly unbearable, and was hard on Hazel, as I had to breathe oxygen from this point on until she was delivered. I wasn't sure if I could take it anymore, or if it was safe for baby any longer. To be honest, Josh and I took a moment and prayed, I cried a little, and within 20 minutes, I had dilated to 8 cm, was 100% effaced and baby was moving down the birth canal. The power of prayer- I was no longer in need of a Cesarean! At 9 cm, due to Hazel being face up, the doc manually rotated her so that she was now face down (O U C H), how she was supposed to be. This made me dilate to 10 cm- the magic number! This had to be done with Gus too, but the difference was that I couldn't feel it with Gus- I had to look at the monitor to even see when and if I was having contractions. With Hazel, the epidural did nothing for pain by this point, and I felt it all. But- no Cesarean. Once she was rotated, I pushed for 5 minutes (just 4 contractions!)... and she was born. Welcome Hazel Luella Dillavou!

Hazel Luella Dillavou, 7 lbs 13 oz, 19 inches long, 14 cm head circumference, born at 7:39 pm.

Exhausted, but me with my little lady a few minutes after birth!

Daddy and Hazel.

One day old.

Hazel does have a few stork bites on her face, like Gus did, but they will fade away over the first year, as they did with him.

Proud Gma!

Happy big brother!

Me and my children.

This picture makes us laugh. We tried to get our first family picture and realized that this is what it will be like from now on; Josh laughing, Gus crying, me yelling, and Hazel just hanging out.

" Mommy quit taking pictures and feed me!"

Daddy and his children.

Gus and 'his' baby.

"Notice how this yellow shirt really brings out my coloring?" Yes, Hazel is jaundice just like Gus was. We have been having her blood checked daily and go back tomorrow one more time to see if her bilirubin levels have risen. If so, we may have to use phototherapy like we did with Gussie to get rid of it.

Just before discharge. Soon we'll be home!

In her homecoming outfit.

So, unfortunately, my camera (timely of course) is broken. I will buy a new one this week, but until then the blog will only have blackberry photos, which aren't as good (and will also all be on facebook). The remaining pictures I tried to play with to make them good enough to post, but they still look grainy and some look purplish. You'll have to be patient until the camera is bought (and I am able to go to the store to buy one!).

Lindsey and Brandon came down the last few days to help out! Thank you so much- we couldn't have done this with out you. Here is their youngest, Parker- 1 year, 1 month old.

Kennedy, almost 5 years old.

Hazel's first bath on Friday night.

Gus feeding his baby, just like mommy feeds hers!
We would like to say congrats to Jack and Jen- their little baby girl arrived a month early on this Wednesday. We are so happy for you all!
Also, if you could say a little prayer for my cousin Chad McCollom who was in a construction accident last week and is still unconscious and on a ventilator. In addition, grandma Shirley has also found out that her cancer is back- in her bones- so she could also use a few of your prayers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Last Night Out

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... I love BBQ! Lip smackin' good!

On Saturday night, Josh, Gus and I went out together for the last time, alone in Kansas City, as a family of 3. We thought it would be nice to make this memory for Gus, although I am sure he won't remember it (but he'll have this blog), and for us. We ate at a new place we had never tried at Legends, Backfire BBQ, that is associated with Orange County Choppers. It was really good food, and Gus loved the brisket. I of course ordered a spicy bbq chicken nacho dish (trying to get things rolling with this labor!) and then we walked around Legends awhile (once, again, trying to make some labor progress). Gus loves to play near the fountains and dance along the sidewalks- it is hilarious. He has some pretty funky dance moves.
Tonight Paulette is coming to town for a few days to help out with Gus while I am in the hospital. The Varners will be in town toward the end of the week to help out when we, baby girl and I (!!!!) get home. So, from today on, our lives are changing in preparation for our newest addition. It is hard for me to believe that Gus is almost two, and that soon we will be a family of 4. The time we have had with Gussie alone has been so much fun, and we are so excited to give him a sibling. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this week progresses. We will update this blog and my Facebook profile as soon as we are able when our little lady arrives- I know many of you are anxious to hear the name we have picked out for her!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Update

At my appointment yesterday I was measuring at 41 weeks and was 2 cm dilated. My doctor (and me!) are worried about baby girl getting too big to deliver, since Gus was only 7 1/2 pounds (at 2 weeks early) and I still needed vacuum assistance to deliver vaginally. This baby is estimated at at least 8 pounds at this point, and growing; so she is getting big. If she does not come on her own over the next few days, we went ahead and scheduled an induction for Tuesday morning at 8 am. So, at most, I will only be pregnant for a few more days- yay! I am so excited to meet this little lady!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outdoor Fun

Here are few pictures of the beautiful flowers Gus got me for my birthday (thanks daddy!) last week.

We found a another park, really close to where we live, where Gus can have fun. We went there Friday night. He was a bit young for some of the obstacles but with a little help from daddy was able to enjoy even the zip line!

After the park, having an apple as a snack.

On Saturday we (well Josh worked and I directed!) remulched, planted some flowers, and laid some grass seed. Maybe it is nesting in preparation for the little gal, but I just know we will not have time to do it once she arrives. And I want everything to look nice when company comes to visit soon.

Gus loved the water from the hose! I think he will really enjoy his sprinkler/pool this year.

This week has been a challenging one. Josh has been at a 3 day/night training since Tuesday morning, and he hopefully (if he can get out of staying at the hotel Thursday night) will be home late Thursday night. We have been crossing our fingers that baby girl doesn't decide to arrive while he is away. Luckily, it is in Kansas City, but due to the nature of the training, unless I go into labor, he really does need to stay at the hotel at night. So... he has been gone, leaving me with all the parenting duties for a few days. Which normally I would enjoy and wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't HUGE pregnant and uncomfortable. It is so difficult for me to do even the smallest things, like do the dishes (big fat belly in the way), give Gus a bath (he has just showered with me the last two nights- and he thankfully loved the change of pace!), water the lawn each night (Gus insists on running everywhere I tell him not to), etc. He has been having sleeping issues the last several weeks, and since his bed is so low, Josh has been helping him fall back asleep at night- it is just too hard for me physically. Well, I decided to have Gus sleep with me since our bed is regular height, and Gus hates it! He gets mad when he wakes up to me (several times a night) and not daddy. So that has been exhausting and neither of us has gotten much sleep.
Gus just doesn't understand that mommy can't bend down, crawl on the floor, carry him around, etc. It has been rough. And to top it all off, Gus has decided that he wants to try potty training. The last two nights he peed on the toilet, so today at daycare we started introducing him to potty training, pull ups, etc, and tonight I continued it. It is exciting, since he has initiated this whole thing (I was going to wait until June to even consider it but Gus wants to go on the potty now!) but it is a lot of work to take him to the potty every 30 minutes! I can't believe how old he is getting though. It really makes me sad that he is no longer a baby. Once he is out of diapers, he really won't be a baby anymore :(
Tomorrow I go back to the doctor. Hopefully she wants to induce me. I am trying to come up with as many excuses/reasons as I can think of- any ideas? I was very apprehensive to be induced this time, since I had such a horrible induction experience with Gus, but I am ready now- I guess it just took me reaching a new level of 'fed up with pregnancy'. I am sooo uncomfortable- my abdomen and sides hurt, my pelvis aches, my back is killing me and I am so over these constricting Braxton Hicks contractions. Oh, and several people this week- strangers mind you (thoughtless ones!) have asked me if I am having twins. Let's just say that I am ready for my little girl to join the family. I will post an update after the appointment to let you know of any news. My luck, I'll be pregnant for another 2 weeks. Yuck.