Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day

We were finally able to have a play date with the Eichmeier and Hyde families! Here is Finley and Hazel, they are just one day apart in age.

Gus was quite the stinker. He did not want his picture taken. It took some major bribing to get him to sit with the other kids long enough for a photo.

Preston and Gus having a naughty little stare down.

Hazel LOVED having her picture taken!

In order, left to right... Boston (baby) being held by his brother Preston (Eichmeier), Gus, Finley (Hyde) and our little laughing lady Hazel.

Gus and Kennedy at the Viking ice cream shop in Ventura by my parents house.

Out on Papa and Grandma Dillavou's pontoon before we left town on Monday.

Gus had his first night of soccer practice this week. Josh is coaching his team again. I will try to get some better pictures. I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone. He cried more than he played, but the kids on the team are aged 3-5 so I think he felt a little overwhelmed having some 5 year olds on his team who had played before. Fingers crossed tonight goes better...

All is well here. I have had a few doctor appointments for baby, including our ultrasound at which we did not find out the sex of the baby. We are very excited to wait and find out later when little peanut arrives. I am 19-20 weeks now and will try hard to get a belly pic up here soon, as I am monstrous. Huge. Massive. Scared to see what I will look like a few months from now!

Well, love and miss you all. Talk more soon!

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