Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

I hope you have a wonderful day Hazel. Mommy has to work all day on April 20, from 9-9, so I may not get the chance to see you on your first birthday (when you are awake anyway), but I will miss you and think of you all of the time. There are so many reasons why I will miss you today... I love the way you say momomomomom and walk (no run!) to me when you want me to pick you up. I love the way you and Gus play little copying games when you two don't know I'm listening, like when he makes high-pitched sounds and you repeat them, or how you mimic your big brothers actions (like banging toys the same way right after he does it). I love how you have a sweet tooth (six of them actually already!) like me, and I love that you love to eat, also like me! I love to listen to you laugh when you are being tickled by daddy, love to listen to you breathe when you sleep, love you so much that I cannot remember what it was like before you joined our family. Gus has had to sacrifice and share mommy and daddy, but he tells you every day that he "loves you so much," and he is always willing to find you a pacifier or bring me a diaper when you need either one. We all love you more than we can describe and I hope your first birthday is the funnest day of your life (well, so far anyway!). I promise to sneak into your room and kiss you goodnight when I get home. Love you girl.

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