Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does the sickness ever end?!?!

Well, Hazel is finally better. I am on the mend (thinking I may have an ear infection- or two- but letting it heal on it's own if I can before I go to the doctor) for the most part. Josh, though, has been crazy sick this week with the flu- he was hit hard. He is on day 3 of being really sick. Really sick. Gus is a little sick with a runny nose, some flu symptoms... he seems to be okay, no temp. But tons of runny noses! ...So the sicknesses are making their rounds among us...

Josh and I are both hectic busy with work this week so it has been difficult balancing this all. But, we're getting it all done. As we always do :) But... Good news: It almost the weekend... Although Josh works all day every, day this weekend, and I am really really behind on grading and other professional things, so I am unsure it will really be much of a weekend. No relaxing.

If we can get through this and next week though, then we are going to Las Vegas for a little mommy-daddy vaca that is WELL deserved. And MUCH needed for us both. I suppose I can begin the countdown: 10 days to Vegas!!!!

Still no time to update with pics, but I have sent a few to Facebook lately, so if you really want to see more pics of my adorable babies, you'll have to check them out on there.

Love and miss you all!


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Not to sound to "motherish" but get your ears checked before you get on a plane. I had a friend at work that flew with an ear infection and he has permanent hearing loss in that ear. He went to the doc after the fact and he told him if he'd been on antibiotics before he flew he would've been fine!!!! Eeck!!! Hope you ALL feel better soon and ENJOY your trip :)

The Dillavou Family said...

If I still have it Monday, I'll go to the doctor- that's not mothering, that's great advice. I had no idea it could lead to permenant hearing loss!?!?!?