Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Bed for Gus!

Hazel has been scaring us so much with her new found love for climbing up the stairs. She's not exactly sure how to get back down, but up she has mastered.

Gus antagonizes her by tempting and teasing Hazel until she crawls up after him. Then he runs down the stairs once she is at top, knowing that she is stuck because she can't crawl down yet. Then she cries for help and I go up and get her and carry her down. Then the entire process starts over... and we do this little game several times over and over until mommy has had enough. Gus is such a naughty little stinker sometimes!

Just hanging out on the steps. No worries mom.

My pretty girl.

Chin ups.

Our neighbor was selling her grandson's old bunk bed so we bought it for a great price. We put it up tonight and Monkey Gus was very brave- too brave. I hope we don't regret this decision!

Figuring out the ladder.


The Varner's Blog said...

Sweet Bed!!! Gus is all ready for sleep overs :) Love the pictures! Have a wonderful time in Vegas!

The Smith Family said...

Hope that bed doesn't bring out Gus's inner daredevil.

Laughing Owl said...

Love Hazel's black w/wt pokadot hat!