Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Colds and the cold

Gus checking out the bouncer/vibrator. He knows it is for baby, but still tries to claim it as his own.

Last night we had chili for supper, to try to stay warm in all this cool weather. Gus had a few bites, but especially liked to copy daddy and dip crackers into it.

This weekend Gus had a cold. He has been pretty irritable and not always easy to manage. It seems that he is starting to feel better today, but this cold has been dragging him down for almost a week. Bad news, mommy and daddy now have a touch of it as well. I have had a nonstop headache for three days and feel really congested. Not fun, as I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable as baby gets bigger and bigger in my tummy. There just seems to be no more room for this little girl- and I still have 7 weeks to go! Ugh.


Hayes Family said...

Sucks you guys aren't feeling well. You look great by the way! We are anxious for the next 2 weeks to come fast....holy cow, 2 weeks!!! Anyway, maybe we can all do dinner before this boy comes.

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Wow - only 7 weeks left!!!! She'll be here before you know it. Although, just think that by that time it'll pretty much be spring!!! Hopefully the snow will be almost gone...hopefully, hopefully, hopefully :)