Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goats, God and Playdough

A BIIIIG Hehe, Gus and Daddy at Deanna Rose Farm on Saturday. This was Gus's first time there this year and he loved it. He could enjoy the animals so much more now that he is a bit older.

Hazel's very first time there- and oh boy was it a hot one!

Feeding the miniature goats.

Gus felt much more secure with a fence between the goats and himself. The goats are a little aggressive and although I wouldn't say he was scared to be in their pen, I would say that he liked feeding them with a little safetly net protecting him.

My little sunflower.

Gus thought the turkeys were hilarious! I don't know if it was because they looked a little funny or what- but he enjoyed laughing at them.

Daddy and Gus in the wooden fort at one of the playgrounds.

Mommy and Gus in the milking barn. He wasn't a huge fan of sitting on the saddle.

After church on Sunday we had a little photo session since the kiddos looked so cute. Gus was an angel at church- well if you can redefine the word angel a little bit- and we were so proud of him. He finally behaved. Up until this point, he had earned no score higher than a... C, maybe a C (if he were earning letter grades). He earned a solid B on Sunday- now that's improvement :)

Gus loves his peaches!

Gus is huge fan of playdough.

Of course, there isn't enough room on the table, so we had to move the playdough project to the kitchen floor.

This has been a busy week for us. It is my last week of summer classes (thank goodness as I have been really overwhelmed). We put the kids in daycare this week so that Josh and I could both work. This weekend Kate and Mike are visiting us and we are going to a Royals game and the zoo. In two weeks we have our McCollom family vacation in Branson for about a week and then shortly after that Pat and Paulette, and Beth and Jim are coming to visit. And then classes start up for the fall. I guess this is what summer is all about- busy, busy, busy.

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ToTalkToReba said...

Greetings! Oh gosh, we give Oliver letter grades after church too. I was cracking up. Sometimes he earns a B too... we've had some D-s from time to time!!