Monday, August 2, 2010

Lions, Royals and Bubbles

So this afternoon I laid Gus down for his nap at 1 pm. When I went back upstairs to check on him at 2, I noticed that his light was now on in his room (he can't reach it yet, so as you can see he had pulled an upsidedown plastic tub over to it so he could reach it to turn it on). And, when I opened his door, this is what he was doing. Guess he decided to skip the nap today. And his room was picked up before nap as well.

Riding his Hehe before lunch today.

Smiley little Hazel this morning.

She usually takes a pacifier, but lately, she also likes to chew on her fingers. I am trying to not let that become a habit, as the paci we can eventually take away, the fingers, well, we obviously can't.

Blowing bubbles last night with daddy after the Royals game. Josh took Gus to a Royals game yesterday afternoon and they had a nice time. The link will take you to a few pictures taken of Gus and Josh by a photographer at the game- Adorable! Gus was singing his version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" all night.

Say cheese!

Showing off their new stuffed animals from the Kansas City Zoo. Kate and Mike brought his daughter Arielle to KC this weekend and we all ventured to the zoo on Saturday afternoon.

Gus liked the Buddha at the zoo.

Gus and Arielle looking at some frogs.

Hazel sitting on the giant frog slide. She was a little young to enjoy much of the zoo but luckily she slept most of the afternoon. It was really hot so she did get to have several 'mist fan' showers at the park- which, by the way, were awesomely refreshing for the adults too.

Gus fell asleep for a little while at the zoo as well. Here is a sleepy little man waking up from his snooze.

Gus loved how close he could get to the lions. I have to admit, it was a little bit scary being so close- even with the thick glass between us and them.

Trying to stay cool.

Gus thought the elephants were pretty cool. He even got a stuffed elephant souvenir while we were there.


Arielle, Mike's adorable 3 year old daughter.

Daddy and Gus looking at some monkeys.

Kate and Mike

On Friday night Kate, Mike, Josh and I went to the Royals game. It was a scorcher, but we had really nice seats so that made it all worth it. It was a good decision to get a sitter for the kids- it would have been way too hot for them to come.

Me and Kate

Josh and I

Getting a ride from daddy's bike.

My beautiful little lady.

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Super cute pics!!!! Hazel is getting so big already :)