Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Opthamologist Update

So.... this afternoon went AWESOME! I have to teach in few minutes, but just couldn't wait until later tonight to post. Gus was amazing today at his appointment. Dr. Grin says his eyes look so much better. As long as be continues to wear his glasses, no more patching at this point! And no surgery at this point either! She said it is normal for his eyes to cross when he doesn't wear the glasses. As long as they don't cross WHEN he wears them, things are progressing. He goes back in January for a full optical exam (dilation again) to check his prescription (kids eyes change really fast apparently) and to double check the progress on his strabismus. He was able to do the vision test to some degree (Dr. was pretty impressed with a 27 month's old having the ability to do the vision test at all!) and from what she can tell, Gus is seeing the same out of both eyes- GREAT news! That means no vision loss concerns right now. Our avid, persistent eye patching all summer has paid off. WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED! Gus was so cute during his vision test. Instead of letters, kids, obviously, look at different sizes of pictures. He was adorable- he'd say "Biiiiig cake" or "Widdle cake," and "Biiiiig Hehe (horse)," or "Widdle Hehe." His little voice was so cute and he was able to name the pictures when the doc asked. We are oh so very proud of our little guy. As far as how long he has to wear glasses, it could be for a few more years, or for the rest of his life. It's way to early to tell at this point, but who cares. Josh and I both wear glasses. As long as his eyes don't cross we are thrilled. Oh- did I mention how blessed we are?

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ToTalkToReba said...

This is awesome news! Happy to hear this!!! Your hard work (and Gus's) paid off!! Hooray! Yes, you are blessed. :)