Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tiblow Days

This week I decided to go through Hazel's clothes for the fall to see what we needed to buy (which is practically nothing by the way! Thanks to all the cousins for letting her borrow so much of your old stuff.). I found this top, which is size 6-9 months. My mom bought this top for Gus when she thought that he was going to be a girl- so needless to say, he never wore it. She got Kennedy the same one. Thank goodness I pulled it out cause she is almost too big for it already! Notice it is nearly a belly shirt on her! But if anyone can pull it off, Hazel can :)

That darn quacker from Branson! Man I wish he would just forget about that thing!

Stretching out on the floor one evening after daycare.

On Saturday we took Gus to Bonner Springs Tiblow Days parade and carnival. He loved it!

Pat and Arica met us at the parade with their boys. This is Jett. He is about 6 weeks older than Hazel. Although he is not smiling in this picture, the kid smiled about 90% of the time we were around him. And not just a smile- but a huuuge, gummy grin. He is soooo adorable.

Brody was such a good help with Gus. When Gus was a little too young for the Pirate Fun House, Brody quickly stepped it up and helped Gus through it, as it was made for kids and there was no way any of us adults could have fit in there!

The boys fishing for their big blow up bats- the one thing Gus wanted more than anything while we were there. After me, Hazel, daddy and Buster being hit by it about 100 times over the last two days I finally gave Gus an ultimatum. Guess what? As of about 60 minutes ago, it no longer has any air.

Gus LOVED his peaches last night at supper. He could not get over how huge the chunks were.

So excited!

Awww, my cuties.

Hazel tonight. Sporting the Chiefs gear.

My little lady sure loves to laugh!

We went to church this morning and Gus did alright. Hazel was of course great, as usual. Tomorrow night we have a meeting with Donna from Parents as Teachers. The next two weekends we travel back to Iowa, so we will be busy I am sure. Classes are going well for me at all three schools, and Josh is starting to get busy again at work. Fall is here :)

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