Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rice Cereal!

Gus and Hazel are starting to interact more and more. He will hand her toys that he is playing with, talk to her while he plays, etc. She smiles at him and watches him move around the room. I am excited to watch them become more and more interactive with each other as they both get older.

Showing off his Toy Story dinasour sticker from his eye doctor visit.

Friday, on Hazel's 4 month birthday and after the okay from her doctor, we started rice cereal. She wasn't sure about it. She kept pushing most of it out of her mouth with her tongue, so I will try again next week, when maybe more will get in her mouth than out.

"Just give me my baba mommy!"

And then Saturday- happy again! I think this is my favorite picture I've taken of her so far. Gosh she is a cutie; that huuuuge smile gets me every time.

At her appointment Hazel weighed 15 lbs 7 oz (80%), was 24.5 in tall (52%), and her head was 16 3/4 in (90%). She is growing nicely. She has reached all of her milestones other than rolling over- which I don't think Gus ever did either for awhile (my babies are just too chubby I guess!). I went back on here to see how big Gus was at his 4 month appointment and he was almost two pounds heavier and two inches taller than Hazel! He really was huge!

Daddy kept making her laugh.

Gus got a little jealous so I had to take a picture of daddy trying to make him laugh too.

"My daddy sure is funny!"

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ToTalkToReba said...

Love baby sounds! She's precious!