Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Vacation

Beth and Paulette at the Royals v Yankees game Thursday night. They are in town this weekend to enjoy a few baseball games and do some shopping. We went with them to last nights game.

Gus trying to entertain himself on our way home from Branson Thursday morning.

Wrestling on the cabin floor. You would think that Gus is the elder cousin, the way he picks on Kennedy!

And adorable little Parker loves trying to play with the big kids too.

Hazel riding a saddle at Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Branson.

Yet another failed family photo. Are we ever going to get a good one?

Notice the two-headed calf in the background.

Brave little Gus drove the Duck on our land and water tour of Branson.

Josh and I took Gus and Kennedy on the tour. They loved the annoying "Quackers." And yes, they are really annoying. And loud.

Hazel smiling when she hit the air conditioner after a few hours of being outside in 99 degree weather. It was waaaay too hot for her. The rest of the excursions, such as White Water Park, she stayed back at the cabin.

Gus loved the rock candy at Silver Dollar City.

And the 'Tooties" as he calls the salt water taffy.

Gus was 35 3/4 inches, so he wasn't supposed to ride rides alone (only at 36 inches was that allowed). But we had him stand up tall and he was able to sneak on to one :)

The rest either mommy or daddy had to ride on with him.

Hazel was just H O T hot. She worried me a little, even though we only had her out in the hot weather a few hours late in the day one of the days, it was still too much for her.

Brandon babysitting all four kiddos.

Do you think Gus is in need of a haircut?

Kennedy and Gma Sue riding the train at Silver Dollar City.

Papa and Gus walked along the swinging bridge.

Kennedy asked if she could trade Parker for Hazel. Think she wants a baby sister?

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