Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Potty Training Update

Well, this is hard. Harder than I thought it would be. Today, day two of potty training, we have had 5 accidents that resulted in me scrubbing pee out of the carpet each time (basically every accident goes down his legs and into the carpet). We went through 4 underwares. The only good thing is that he pooped on the potty tonight. I was waiting all day for that one to happen on the carpet. I don't understand how he has accidents when I take him to the toilet and WATCH him pee every 30-45 minutes. I KNOW he is doing some of them on purpose- especially when he woke up from a three hour nap with a completely dry pull up (I wasn't going to risk the sheets with plain old undies at nap time!). Tomorrow we start spanking when he pees on purpose on the floor- he is too smart for this to be so hard for him to wrap his little mind around. Wish us luck that day three goes better tomorrow. Ugh.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Good luck to you! When my brother and sister in law trained Landon they put all his favorite toys up on a shelf in the kitchen. when he pottied good he got to get one down to play. When he peed on the floor they made him put it back up on the shelf and didn't get it back til he went in the potty. it worked well. i think he did the same thing - he thought it was funny to potty on the floor.

Hayes Family said...

The previous comment left by Rachel is a REALLY good idea! Wish I would have thot of that. Pullups are a must during nap and bedtime, I think! I'm trying to think of something else we did, i would sit in the bathroom when he was "trying" to pee and we would read or tell EXHAUSTING! Good job on the poopy tho! Call me anytime.

The Thomsons said...

Traci -

My daycare lady trains all the boys to do BM's in the toilet first. She says it is easier (in her opinion) b/c you can usually tell when they are about to go or they follow a pretty usual pattern for BM's. She does girls the exact opposite. IDK if this will help or if you have already jumped the main hurdle for potty training but I thought I would throw it in.

I have also heard of using colored ice cubes or ice rings and having them try to "melt it" with their pee.... who knows if this would even work?
(I have absolutely NO experience however.... so my advice is only based on another's recommedation!... my time will be coming soon enough though!)