Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spinach and Fish

This weekend we were very busy with fun family time. Josh had to work a few hours off and on on Saturday so I took the kids to the Lenexa Spinach Festival Saturday morning. I met a friend, Lindsey, there with her son Chaz. 

Walter and Chaz, very good buddies. He is 2, so and he goes back and forth between being best friends with Wally and Hazel.

There were lots of free crafts, face painting, bouncey houses, spinach injected food, and free samples at the festival. 

The face painter said she has never received a pink ninja turtle request before. My silly Hazel.

On Saturday afternoon Hazel went to her very first friend birthday party. Our neighbor girls Kourtney (age 3) and Katie (age 1) had a princess birthday party. Walter and Hazel and I walked over for the festivals. Boys were to dress like superheroes so Walter wore a spiderman shirt. Very fun!

And, after months of bribing and keeping track of good behavior, Gus finally earned pet fish! Introducing Paci, Panther Paw, and Goldie Dillavou. I'm not sure if Wally, Gus or Hazel are the most excited!

I didn't get pictures but we visited the Varner's today and watched the Chiefs kick butt. Great to see Kenny and Parker, the kids all had a blast spending time together.

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