Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow!?!?

We had another, yes another, huuuge snow storm in KC this past week. My colleges were closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and most primary/secondary schools were closed Thursday and some even cancelled on Friday too. We had a good 12 inches in 12 hours here in KC, but just 30 minutes south of KC got 23 inches in that time frame. This winter has been so unreal, in comparison to our normal winters.

Gus was amazed at how he could scratch designs into the frost on the front door window.

Mid storm Josh decided to get a start on clearing the driveway. This was a drift in our driveway- not his snow pile, and we received many more inches on top of this one.

Hazel has been scaring us with her attempts at stairs. Gus baiting her with piles of cereal around the landing doesn't help either!

"I got this mommy, don't be scared!"

Wrestling daddy!

All smiles! I had Strep this past week, and Josh went to the doctor today only to find out that he also has Strep, but somehow the kids have managed to miss it so far. They have been in happy moods lately.

"Cheese ball puffs are my favorite!"

Earlier tonight, eating her favorite 'beans' (as Gus calls peas).

Sporting his new Hawkeye jersey. The size 12 month one we have been squeezing him into just doesn't work anymore. It's probably too small for Hazel- she is such a tubber!

As I was trying to blog, Hazel really wanted my attention. You can see her top left front tooth just starting to poke through her gums. Oh my girl looks so tired in this one- she could barely keep her eyes open.

Stairs and laughs!

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ToTalkToReba said...

Oh my goodness, you guys really got hit with snow! We had 2 days off and probably only 7 inches or so! Great pics of everyone. Hazel is moving around so much! Hope you are doing well! I know I feel behind in my teaching schedule with the snow days!!