Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rice Cereal is Yummy!

This week we started rice cereal with Walter. This is a pic of his first attempt.

Here he is today, a real pro by day 4.

Could they be any cuter?!

Hazel loves pony tails lately- Yesssss!!!!!!!!! Finally some hair to do!

Working on a fun craft last week- we colored puzzles! Gus loves putting them together. Even though they are only 6 pieces, they are really hard because they are just scribbles- not an organized background.

Bitty Tball started up last night. Parker and Gus are on the same team, with coach Daddy/Uncle Josh. They were adorable.

Well, we are closer and closer to owning our next home. Underwriting went through yesterday, so all we have left is to close on July 2. So excited!!!! Our landlords have been 'showing' our rental- we have had about 15 showings so far... which are NOT fun, as I clean and have the house spotless for them. We are trying to get out of our lease a little early (if they can find a suitable renter), so we figure the better we can make the rental look, the higher the chances of it being rented sooner than later. We will see I guess. I am soooo tired of cleaning this place! I did start putting some things in boxes this week for our move in 4 weeks, so that is fun ;)
Hazel had her first real therapy session last week. It went great! The speech therapist thought she is doing really well- and only needs help every other week, for hopefully just a few months. We have noticed a huge difference in Hazel's speaking lately, so we were not surprised. Although it is still difficult to understand many of her words, she is now talking all the time, which she wasn't really doing before. The more and more we understand, the more confident she gets and the more she tries. We are happy so far.
Classes started back up this week, so I am exhausted. Two online, and one FtF at 8 am Monday through Thursday for 8 weeks. It is nice to be among adults again for a few hours a day, but it does make my days really long, especially when hardly a night goes by when I don't have to get up at least once with one of our three munchkins.

And here it is, my new favorite picture of Wally. How can anyone look at this little guy and NOT smile?!?

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