Friday, May 16, 2014

4 Year Well-child Check

This little cutie did so good at her 4 year well-child check that she earned some McDonalds treats! 40 pounds (90th %) and 40 1/4 inches (75th %) for Hazey. Two shots and no tears- so tough. Hard to believe she's 4 years old. 

Hazel's Favorites:
Power Rangers
String Cheese
Potato Chips
Ice Water (cause when you swirl the ice around the water gets colder!)
Playing outdoors
Wearing jerseys
Temporary tattoos
Singing any song
Taking care of Walter

She has the best laugh! It is like a hearty chuckle, but still like a toddler. She can count to 30, knows her ABCs, can write her first and last name, knows her shapes and colors well, can write out the first names of her brothers and mom and dad, and doesn't let Gus get away with pushing her around. She is working on daddy's phone number, interested in tying her shoes, and can almost do a cartwheel.

She is pretty much the most amazing girl I could have ever asked for. Man do I love her, even though she probably navigates towards daddy a little more than she does me. ;)


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