Monday, May 19, 2014

Dash to First Grade!

Today I helped Gus' class "dash" to first grade. Last night around 9 pm we started working on his car, not our best work but it sufficed. I let him decide everything so it was adorable, although not as complex or detailed as the ones where the parents took charge. He loved it though. And I took note of a few ideas for when we make Hazel's car in a few years. :)

Post Office station (lucky Gma Sue will be getting a letter from Gus this weekend!). I was a little jealous. Most of the other kids wrote love letters to their moms- guess I know where I stand in Gus' pecking order!

Red Light, Green Light

 Gus is out of school for the summer after Wednesday. I submitted the last of my grades earlier this evening, so we are all ready for summer!

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