Friday, October 9, 2009

Off to Iowa!

Gus got a big boy toothbrush and toothpaste! Up until this point, he has been using the little one that came with his first aid kit. He loves it (especially the toothpaste!). This was his first night using it.

Batman... nana nana nana nana Batman...

Gus thinks it is hilarious to pop up and 'scare' me from the couch when I am on the computer.


Well, it's off to Iowa tomorrow morning. Josh is going to the Iowa/Michigan game, but before we can go to Iowa City, Gus and I have to help Josh set up a few fields in the morning. I will be sure to take lots of pictures over the weekend to share with you all!

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

CUTE pics!!! Kamden loves his toothbrush and paste too. It must feel weird because he always closes his eyes gently when I brush his teeth. ha ha We use the "Thomas the Train" toothpaste, and I honestly thnk he likes the container most of all. ha ha ha Have fun at the game :) Lane is there too - left at 3am this morning - UGH. I will be watching in my jammies from my nice warm couch!!!! :)