Monday, October 5, 2009

Varner's in KC

Kennedy teaching Gus something, not sure what. They played really well together the whole weekend. It was fun to watch them play- Gus is finally old enough to interact with her.

Kennedy was such a good help, frequently holding Gus's hand throughout Deanna Rose Farm.

In the school house.

Ringing the cow bells.

Kennedy feeding the baby goats a bottle.

Gus and Parker playing together.

All three interacting together.

Playing outside in the yard.

An adorable Parker!

The weekend went well. The Varner's went to the KC Zoo on Friday. Lindsey and I took the older two to Deanna Rose Farm on Saturday and Josh and Brandon walked around the KC Speedway grounds a little, hoping to scalp some one-day tickets, but were unsuccessful. Sunday the guys went to the Chiefs vs. Giants game and Lindsey and I took the kids shopping at Legends. It was a very busy, but very fun couple of days.
For those of you wondering, I am well. I am 12 weeks, or in my 13 week of pregnancy, pending on how you look at it. Baby number 2 is due April 20th. I have been very very nauseous this time around, so that has not been fun. I finally got a prescription for it- not sure if it is helping, but either way, hopefully the morning (all-day really) sickness will get better. I have only gained 2 pounds, but I am starting to look a little chubby- I dare say 'showing' but I am definitely sporting a little tummy 'pooch' that wasn't there a few weeks ago. In seven weeks (the Monday before Thanksgiving) we have a sonogram scheduled to find out the sex of the baby, and we will be gladly sharing that information with all of you this time. Gus is very excited- well, I think. It is hard to tell if he understands at 16 months old what is going on, but Josh and I are very excited anyway! Gus was very gentle with Parker this weekend, and kept pointing at him and calling him 'ba by' (with a pause in the middle of the syllables) so that was fun to see. Kennedy of course wants us to have a girl so she is not the only girl cousin. Too funny!

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