Friday, October 30, 2009

Doctor Appointment

I will update you all with some really cute pics and videos of Gus soon, but I thought I would talk a little about my appointment yesterday. I had my 15 week appointment, although I am nearly 16 weeks along now. I have gained a little weight... but until now I had not really gained much, so I am trying not to get too concerned. I new that I had gained, my tummy has really popped over the last month (strangers- and students- are noticing now). The heartbeat was very easy to hear and the baby moved around like crazy- a very active little dude or dudette. My doctor gave me a new prescription for nausea, a very strong one that is prescribed to chemotherapy patients, so hopefully this one works (the last one did not work at all). I am so sick- physically ill- this time- STILL! Some days I am sick several times a day- morning and night. My doc ran out of the H1N1 vaccine a few hours before I got there (ugh!) but I am to call back on Monday and see if they have received a new shipment in. I am definitely going to get vaccinated. I received my seasonal flu vaccine last month as well.

My next appointment and sonogram is in about 3 1/2 weeks and we FIND OUT THE SEX!!!! I am so excited to see my new little one on the big screen :) I really have no inclination as to what I am having this time. Last time I just new it was a boy- I had dreams about him and just had the feeling that it would be my little Gus. This time- clueless. Josh thinks it is a girl. We'll see...

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ToTalkToReba said...

Thanks for the update!! I am so sorry you are still sick hon! No fun at all!!!!!! 3.5 weeks to find out... so exciting. My guess is a girl, but we'll see. Keep me posted Traci! Take care. Gus is soooo cute and seems to have so much personality! Awesome!

Love, Nicole