Monday, November 2, 2009


Gus making his Halloween candy bag.

Eating the crayons- a hard habit for little "Melmo" to break (Elmo really, but Gus says "Melmo").

Daddy giving Gus some candy for his bag- lucky boy! And no, he did not get to eat it all!

On our way to Trick-or-Treat Gus broke out some of his candy.

Walking up to Sandie's door (his daycare provider).

Sandie and Gus.

Mommy and Daddy stopped and got some soda, so Gus had to get some too (his is actually orange juice).

Buster didn't dress up, but he did like the treat bag!

Gus helping daddy vacuum on Sunday afternoon (look at that wide stance- he takes vacuuming very seriously!).

Sunday at the park- it hit 75degrees here!

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