Monday, November 16, 2009

18 Month Check Up

Reading his paperwork from his doc visit last week.

Watching the Chiefs win on Sunday!

Last Friday Gus had his 18 month check up with Doc Filardi. He had to get three shots, which I felt really bad about because last Monday he had his first round of H1N1, so he has had a lot of shots lately! Luckily daddy was there to help out, which was a blessing, because all Gus wanted was for daddy to hold him. He and daddy are pretty good buds. Gus weighed in at 24.4 pounds (40%), was 33 1/4 inches long (75%), and his head circumference was 18 1/2 inches (50%). Our little guy is tall and slender, just like his daddy. He is reaching all of his milestones and is a very social, happy, healthy boy. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives. I keep wondering what we ever did before he joined our family?

A few of Gus's favorite things at 18 months old are:

  • Playing with his toy dishes and food. He loves make-believe.
  • Eating all by himself, with out the assistance of mom or dad.
  • Playing ball with daddy, any kind of ball. Throwing baseballs, trying to hit them with his bat, and shooting basketball hoops (dunks) in his little hoop.
  • Helping mommy take clothes out of the dryer.
  • Play with (terrorize) Buster ('neow' is what he calls him).
  • Sing "The Wheels on the Bus" and read his "No No Yes Yes" book.
  • Build block/lego castles with daddy.
  • Watch Nick Jr. cartoons.
  • He loves loves loves orange juice, hot dogs, corn dogs, fruit snacks, yogurt and oranges.
I am starting to have more better days than not, nausea-wise that is, so I am thankful for that. The baby is starting to move about more and more in my tummy, which is a wonderful feeling, but it is getting difficult to carry Gus and set him in his crib at night with my growing belly starting to get in the way. Gus is getting very excited and is always pointing to my belly and saying "baby." He has started using his baby doll (yes, it is a male doll) like it is real, undressing it and feeding it 'bottles' (blocks actually- he is very imaginative). Hopefully by the time baby comes he will be all ready to help out and understand some of what is going on.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Oh he'll be such a good big brother!! I'm excited to see how he interacts with baby Dillavou :) Such a big boy too - why do they have to grow so fast???

The Varner's Blog said...

He is doing so good!!! Kennedy and I can't wait to give him kisses!! She can't stop talking about the sleep over they are going to have with grandma! I love to hear about his favorite things:) The tummy is already in the way- you are going to carry out again huh? You poor thing- 6 days 4 hours 23 minutes....boy or girl!!! YAY!!!!

ToTalkToReba said...

So happy that Gus is in your life too. What a blessing!!!!! Keep me posted on the sex of the baby, so excited to hear!

Jason and Jessica said...