Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warm Weather in KC!

Gus laughing as daddy rolls a toy car toward him.

Our little man no longer wants to eat in the highchair- and hasn't for a few weeks. He now sits in his booster at the big table and eats with us. Here is breakfast this morning.

Me, at nearly 17 weeks preggo. I am showing early with this this pregnancy, as I did with Gus. I am also still very queasy, physically sick most days out of the week. I honestly just think that my body does not like to be pregnant; I get so many symptoms- exaggerated (ie, nausea, showing, exhaustion, moodiness, etc). Ugh. I keep telling myself that I am almost halfway there.

You would think that we never feed Gus, by his behavior lately when it comes to food. He shoves it all in as fast as he can- to the point where he can barely close his mouth, let alone chew. In this picture he couldn't play at the playground today until he shoved every last Cheerio into his mouth first. Notice his sweet new Chuck Taylor's and Run DMC t-shirt (Josh picked them out).

Quite the climber.

Working with his flashcards earlier tonight.

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ToTalkToReba said...

Great pics! His laugh melts my heart! You look fantastic, by the way!!! :)