Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beware of Pirates!

We had a pirate themed birthday party for Walter's first birthday on Saturday.

My cupcakes turned out pretty nice! However, sometime in the middle of the night a Tupperware of six cupcakes disappeared... I am still not sure what happened to them. I thought for sure I'd find the empty container in Gus' room... Not yet anyway...

And my cake turned out even better. I am pretty proud of this one. Usually fondant and I do not get along, but it wasn't a terrible relationship this birthday party... :)

Cousin Rian was so helpful. She put together all of Wally's toys for us! Thanks!

Uncle Brandon and Walter

Hazel decked out in her pirate costume

Walt and I

Our little pirate

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Jen said...

Awesome cake and cupcakes! Too cute!

Catching up on my lack of blog reading lately, I need to get back at it. :)