Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

So the first thing I want to say about this post is that it is REALLY long- sorry! Okay, to begin the weekend in Iowa, we visited my friend Brandi and her husband Curt on Friday morning in Rockford. What a beautiful day- and Gus had so much fun with Curt (and his MoMo ).

Just of couple of kids eating freezies.

Saturday Matt and Jenni hosted a Memorial Day party for the family. The cousins all had so much fun together! We also had a quick impromptu birthday party for Gus.

Hazel was a popular lady. Here is Avery and Hazel.

Ty and Hazel.

Brea and Hazel.

Cade and Gus eating too much chocolate!

Shae and Hazel.

Messy Gus!

Gus and Kamden at their play date Sunday morning. We visited the Smith family cabin and Rachel (as well as Kathy, Kylee and Sherry Fischer) got to meet Hazel.

Playing on the beach together, I love Clear Lake in the summer. Congrats to the Lane and Rachel Smith family on their newly announced pregnancy. It is kind of a wild story- if you haven't already, you should visit their blog and read about it.

Gus and Uncle Nick- who he can't stop talking about by the way. Just this afternoon Gus asked where Nick went.

The Birthday Girl (the only name Kennedy would answer to on Sunday).

A birthday kiss from Gus.

Papa and Hazel.

We had a birthday party for Kennedy on Sunday.

Gus playing with Uncle Nick.


Kenny on the slip-n-slide. It was a hit- good idea Grandma!

Gus LOVED it! And did really well. Luckily Papa was willing to push the kids down it so they could get enough momentum to slide.

Papa helping the kids blow bubbles with the cool bubble wand Gus got from Kennedy and Parker for his birthday. Papa sure was a popular guy on Sunday!

Kennedy- one day short of 5 years old.

Parker- about 14 months.

Gus and Kennedy playing with sidewalk chalk.

Aunt "Insy" and cousin "Keneneeeneeeeneee"

I LOVE this picture of Gus. He looks kinda like an 80 year old man, but ADORABLE none-the-less.

Eating some BBQ ribs. He enjoyed chewing on the bone. Gus did not get that from his mother.

I was able to see Kate several times this weekend, which was nice because it had been a long time. I also got to meet Mike, her boyfriend. He is very nice and we are excited for them to come to KC and visit in July. Here Kate is playing Duck Duck Goose with the kids at our little bonfire Sunday night at my parents home.

Hazel got to meet all her great-grandparents this trip. We stopped by and visited Grandma Shirley. She sure loved to see little Hazel. We also visited Grandma Thompson, but I failed to get a picture of them- we'll have to do that over the 4th of July in a few weeks.

Grandma Kennedy and Hazel.

Grandpa Kennedy and Hazel.

We stopped by Grandpa McCollom's gravestone on Monday. Gus put a little flag on it. I hadn't been there for several years, so it was nice to take a moment and visit. It reminded me of what Memorial Day is really supposed to be about.

Grandma McCollom and Hazel.

Gus and his Godfather Jared (and kitty Phoebe in a choke hold!). We stopped by the Ringus home for supper on our way back to KC Monday evening.

And friend of mine from Rudd was in town this week so he stopped by last night and had supper with us. Gus is still talking about "Annee" (Andy) today. Andy is a natural with the kids, I think it's time for him and his wife Tracey to start their own brood...

Yesterday Gus got his new specs, the ones he wore last week were a loaner pair until his frames came in. They are basically the same, but these are blue and the loaners were black. He sure is cute in them- and is wearing them so well. He hardly takes them off. Next week we start patching his good eye. I am not looking forward to that.

Gus (about 2yrs, 1 month) giving Hazel a kiss- or so I thought. A few seconds after this picture the paper towel roll was taken away, as it quickly became a bat to hit Hazel in the head with.

Hazel (6 weeks, 2 days) wasn't bothered though, and did her own thing- fell asleep. She is tired- we had a busy day today. She has been smiling today, but I have yet to get a good picture of it. I'll keep trying and post one as soon as I get it! I did get some on my phone and put those on facebook if you are interested. Gus, Hazel and I went for a walk this morning, to the park, and then played outside in the backyard in the baby pool and sprinkler. What a beautiful day! Earlier this afternoon we all took a 2 hour nap together. Finally- things are slowing down. THIS is supposed to be what maternity leave is all about.

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Such great pictures!!! I really like Gus's blue glasses :) They look so stylish!!!! Glad you got to have a relaxing day - hopefully there are more to come ;)