Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun

More pics of my supermodel. She is such a little dolly! This was her yesterday after we got back from shopping. I tried to find some bows like the one she is wearing (this is one her cousin Andi forgot at our house this weekend so we'll give it back to her next week in CL) but I didn't have any luck. I found some smaller ones, but I love the bigger ones!

This morning Gus and I (well Gus really) played in the pool and sprinkler. As usual, he loved it. I swear he is a little fish. I can't wait until next summer when Hazey is older- I'll have to take them both to the real pool.

He seems to be outgrowing his pool. Next summer we'll have to get a bigger one for him, and graduate this one to Hazel.

Hazel didn't swim with us, but she sure was wiped out from watching!

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine actually makes and sells baby bows. They are so cute! They are the big ones that you said you liked. She lives in Mason City and I am sure could mail them to you. They are hand made and very reasonable. They usually run about $8.00. She has a facebook page called Baby Bows by Tasha. I will suggest you become a fan that way you can check them out. I will be in Clear Lake over the 4th so if there are any you like I could always bring them to you. Trust me, they are adorable!! Your little ones are very cute:)
Tarah Paulus