Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eye Patching Begins

Yesterday was our first day of eye patching. He wore it for 2 1/4 hours. It went much better than we had anticipated.

Gus loves play dough! He got some for his birthday and for the last two days, has spent 1 1/2 each day playing with it! He has also spent a lot of time with stickers and crayons the last few days. He is so good entertaining himself.

Hazel is getting more active and spending more time awake during the day, and less at night. She is growing into an awesome baby!

Gus loves his pirate swords from Godfather Jared (a gift to help him adjust to the eye patch!). Notice how he wears daddy's arm bands on his ankles- no one showed Gus this, he just started wearing them this way. He is such a cutie!

Notice the cool shirt we got him- special for his first day of eye patching.

Daddy and Gus playing last night after he got home from work.

This morning at breakfast we put the patch on. I tried a larger size eye patch today and he is amazingly still wearing it (and it is 4:30 pm)! It must not bother him as much. He loves that it has fire on it. He keeps touching it and saying "hot hot hot". Adorable. We are excited that he is wearing it so long, hopefully this means that he doesn't have as much damage as we had thought in the bad eye, as if it were really hard to see out of, he would probably fight us more on wearing the patch.

It has been hard to get the sword out of his hands!

Finally a decent picture of this adorable smile! 7 weeks old today.

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