Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunny Family Fun

Tough guy.

Borrowing daddy's arm bands, bandanna and YMCA medals.

Gorgeous baby blues.

Helping me clean my closet this afternoon by organizing my shoes- he especially liked mommy's cowgirl boots. Josh and I switched closets today, as it just makes more sense that he share a closet with Gus in Gus's room.

Tonight we played outside, it was a gorgeous evening. Gus loved the pool and sprinkler! He had so much fun outside this weekend, the pool several times, bubbles, his tee ball set. What a lucky boy. I hate to ruin the fun for him, but this week we have to start patching his good eye at least 2 hours a day- wish us luck.

Hazel hung out in the shade. Gus wanted her to come in the pool with her, but I explained to him that she is just a little bit too young for that. Look at that cute belly!

I sure love my daddy.

Hazel says: Tickle Tickle Tickle Gus...

I tried to get a picture of her adorable smile, but I could only get her playing with her tongue. A little stinker already!

My newest angel. Six weeks and 5 days old.

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