Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Little Einstein

Our Little Einstein

And so the adventure begins... Gus got his new specs today, and they sure are cute- when he wears them, that is. At the dr.'s office he stole the show, loved looking in the mirror and making faces with them on, and then danced around the room to prove they wouldn't fall off (his dancing is really adorable). So, he did a great job at the fitting.

At home... We are unsure of how to get him to wear them, forcing him to do things at this age seems to get the opposite response that we desire. So today I have been rewarding him when he wears them and giving him choices. If he wants to watch Dora, he has to have them on. If he wants fruit snacks he has to have them on. And if he wants pop (okay this is really bad but today it seemed like a good idea- so Sprite is his pop- in small doses mind you!) he has to leave them on. If they come off, Dora, or the fruit snacks or the pop get taken away- but it is his choice. So far, this plan has worked okay. He got them at noon, and napped for three hours, so he probably wore them awake about 2-3 hours total. So that's not too bad. Tonight he started compaining that his nose hurts, so once his nose and ears adjust to holding up the glasses, hopefully he'll like to wear them. Two weeks from today we start patching his good eye... a whole other adventure I am sure.

We are off to Iowa tomorrow night, as today, I am finally at about 90-95% healthwise, so I should be fine traveling back to Iowa. That infection last weekend just took so much out of me. I have alot to do tomorrow to get ready for the trip. Tomorrow night at 5 we have a Parents as Teachers meeting and then hope to leave town directly at 6. The plan is to have the kids sleep much of the way back- we will see if that really happens! But, hopefully we will see many of you soon! Call or text us if you want to get together over the weekend- we will be heading back to KC Monday morning.


The Thomsons said...

Traci - Those glasses are so stinkin' cute! I love little guys with glasses. It does make him look a little older though which might make you sad! Glad to hear that the "training" methods are going well. Positive reinforcement always seems to work best.

Good luck with your travels this weekend!

Wendy said...

He looks so handsome!

ToTalkToReba said...

Oh, he's adorable and I like how you are getting him to wear them! Rewards for good behavior, right on! :) You are an awesome mom!!!

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

What a stud muffin!!!!

Amanda and Scott said...

He looks so old..and adorable!