Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend started off pleasant, and as is our life lately, ended up being not so pleasant. On Friday night we ventured south of the city to the Gilliland home. The kids all played together and Hazel got some cool gifts, including a cute little hat- love it! Saturday we got the basement put back together, shampooing the rugs and the upstairs living room. But I started getting a really bad headache in the evening. I woke up Sunday morning with temp of 102.7, and all day it got higher, up to 103.1. I had chills, aches, headache, nausea, severe breast pain- yes, I have mastasis, a bacterial infection in my breast from nursing. I thought maybe I had a clogged milk duct for a few days, but it quickly progressed. I started an antibiotic last night and am starting to feel better- but it has not been a fun couple of days. Is it bad to already be ready for the weekend?

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ToTalkToReba said...

Oh Traci!! Hang in there. I wish I was closer to KC. I could come help you with things!! I'll say some extra prayers for your family! Love ya!