Monday, December 30, 2013

Dillavou Family Christmas 2013

Daddy helping Walter open presents.

Wally knew aunt Trish would open up his new boxes!

 A silly dance party after the gifts had Walter rolling on the floor!

Ty, Cade and Miss Hazel

Annual game of musical chairs. And the winner was... Gus!!!!

Walter wasn't really in the game, but don't tell him that! He had fun marching around with the kids.

And then a game of blindfolded snowman drawing...

Cade did a good job!

Even Walter took a turn. So adorable! We let him take off the blindfold. Thanks for your help cousin Brea!

First attempt at a picture of the Dillavou Dozen.

The best picture we were able to get of the Dillavou Dozen.

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