Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Little Christmas

Hazel helped Walter open up his Noah's Ark.

Gus explaining to Hazel that he read this book in school.

Comparing gifts.

Loving Merida's (Brave) bow and arrow set.

Gus actually said he didn't mind getting clothes! 

Hazel and her Peyton Manning jersey. The salesperson at Dick's, Josh, and I were all skeptical about this purchase, but the girl has so many jerseys, it was time for a new color. She sleeps in jerseys, layers them, begs to wear them every time I dress her... She is a very well-rounded little lady. Princess Sofia dress one day, Manning and the Broncos the next.

Josh supporting his Chiefs.

Walter got an adorable motorized 4-wheeler. He looks so cute driving it!

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