Saturday, January 4, 2014

Penguins and Panther Paws

Here are the Panther Paws and Table Trophies from Gus's first semester of kindergarten! Not too bad!

Mom, dad and Nick came to KC for actual Christmas this year. We visited the Varner home, and the Varner family visited us too. Here are the kiddos playing with the new Hot Wheels ramp Gus got from Santa.

Gus (5), Wally (1), Kennedy (8), Parker (4) and Hazel (3)

This girl may be a stinker that tests me every day with her stubbornness, but boy is she cute.

Since I'm home with the kids right now, I am trying to keep them busy with activities.

We ventured to the Kansas City Zoo last weekend. It was near 60 degrees outside so we thought we'd take advantage of the nice weather. This is a picture of Walter looking at the polar bears.

Hazel thought the jellyfish were pretty cool.

You can't tell this very well, but they were dancing on a projection of penguins on the floor.

Hazel and Walter really liked the new penguin exhibit.

 Gus wasn't as impressed and really just wanted to move onto the next thing.

 "Tough girl pose"

Walter spent a lot of time in the stroller, but I don't think he minded very much.

Checking out the kangaroos from a relaxing spot.

Perfect time for a quick snack break.

Since he napped at the zoo in his stroller, Walter was wide awake for the short drive home. Hazel and Gus, however, were not. They were asleep before we left the grounds.

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