Friday, December 13, 2013

Pancakes, Puke & Pilgrims

Awhile back Gus and I snuck away to McDs before school. A very special morning for us!

Hazel was so sick last month with a kidney infection. It took two rounds of antibiotics but she finally shook it off. 105 degree temperatures scare the heck out of me. Here is a picture of Walter taking care of her. They are such good buddies.

Gus is somewhere in this picture. These are two of the three kindergarten classes at his school. The pilgrims and native Americans had a feast of cookies and popcorn for Thanksgiving.

Grandma Kennedy, Walter and I were photobombed by Gus.

So defiant! Even if I write the "a" lower case she still writes it upper case!

Gus cashed in some more Panther Paws for a Chuck E Cheese date with me.

While we were at the arcade, Hazel had a playdate with Kourtney, a neighbor girl her age.

Gus literally fell asleep during his reading homework last night! Kindergarten sure wears him out.

Silly girl!

And of course if Hazel gets some attention, Gus has to as well...

My kiddos and me earlier tonight.

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