Friday, November 9, 2012

9 Months Old

Wally is officially 9 months old. Here he is at his first professional sporting event, a Sporting KC Soccer game. I missed his 9 month appointment, but Josh took him while I was teaching. His stats were 88% for weight (22 1/2 lbs), 50% for hieght (28 in) and his head circumference was 75-90% (18 1/4 in). He is such a good baby.

His summary:
  • He can say mamamama and dadadada and ball.
  • He can shake his head no and nod his head yes and he opens his mouth for more food.
  • He loves to cover up his own face, have you say Peek A Boo, and then repeat the whole process about 20 times in a row.
  • He loves to eat all kids of food, especially toast, yogurt, goldfish, and pizza. Oh and of course he still loves his bottles of formula.
  • He has 7 teeth officially showing! He is teething constantly so I feel bad for the little guy.
  • He has some hair! Just a little, but it is brown like his eyes.
  • He can easily go from standing to sitting, and vice versa.
  • He is crawling everywhere and can cruise along furniture. He can balance while standing alone but takes no steps yet.
  • He loves laughing and playing with toys. Bath times is one of his favorites.
  • He loves when Gus and Hazel give him attention.
  • He sleeps through the night, and likes to sleep in in the morning.
  • He has the happiest personality and is such a laid back dude. Such an easy baby.
  • He is starting to go through separation anxiety if we leave him in a room, but that is expected for this age.
Sure love our little Wally!

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