Friday, November 9, 2012

The Flu is No Fun

Here is Wally. Surprisingly happy, smiling, and unknowing that later on during this day, he would start to get the flu. This is Wally with his Nanny Ty, on Halloween. She dressed up like an Angel. He was a monkey, but didn't wear his costume during the day.

Hazel was a lion and Gus was an Alligator. We all had the flu last week- ALL of us- so we missed out on many of the Halloween festivities at work and school. It was a horrible week. We did go to a party at the Y the weekend before (above) so that was good. Hopefully I will be getting pics of that day soon, still waiting for them to be sent to me.

The day before Hazel got sick, I was sick. Here she is trying to make me feel better by painting my nails.

"I know I'm sick but can I please go play outside?!"

Some tackling, er, cuddling. Brotherly love. Oh and I don't have a great place to post this, but Hazel is potty trained and has been for a few weeks. She fought me hard on it for a week or so, but once she realized I wasn't giving in, she stopped fighting it. She isn't even wearing pull ups most nights. So at 2 1/2, we got her trained (which is good cause 2 in diapers was driving be bananas!). I do have to say that the stomach flu was not fun with a newly potty trained little lady... yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Family baths. Probably the reason why the kids all got sick...

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Jen said...

Awesome on potty training! I know that Ellie is starting to show signs she is ready and I am kind of dreading it, but love the thought of no more diapers! :)