Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready for Halloween

We went to a Halloween party on Sunday with the kids.

Jett was a bumble bee. Jett was born about 6 weeks before Hazel. His parents are Arica and Pat, they also blog.

Gus was a cowboy.

Our little kitty.

Gus and Brody at the cookie decorating station.

The hosts of the party, Wes and Bree (Josh works with Wes) had a baby boy 9 days after Hazel was born. Here is Drew.

Hazel has had a rough couple of days. On Friday she had her 6 month check up where we discovered she had strep throat- her temperature was almost 103 degrees! Poor little girl. Her stats were all taken, although her immunizations were pushed back until her next checkup. She weighed in at just over 18 1/2 lbs, in the 90%. She was in the 50% for height, and 80% for head circumference. She has been cranky all weekend, and today when I picked her up from daycare she was impossible. She got herself so worked up and exhausted that she fell asleep mid meal tonight. Luckily brothers' fleece jacket was close and could be used as a cushion.

Tonight we carved a "mean guy" pumpkin with Gus.

Haz woke up for the festivities.

Such a trooper, she even smiled once in awhile between cries. As long as she has mommy or daddy's full and undivided attention, she is in an okay mood.

The spooky jack-0-lantern. We might do a happy one with him tomorrow night.

Gus trying to make Hazel laugh before their bath tonight.



ToTalkToReba said...

Oh, hope Hazel is doing better! Great Halloween costumes and pics. I can't believe Halloween is this weekend. Oliver will be Superman!

The Varner's Blog said...

OH MY GOSH!!! These pictures make me so excited for this weekend!! I miss them both so much!! They are adorable!