Sunday, October 17, 2010


Such a pretty girl.

Looking like he is trying to get away with something..

Super smiley!

Elton John? Nope, just Hazel- lounging in Andi's room during our visit to the Spratt house in St. Louis this weekend.

Kacy helping take care or Hazel Sunday morning.

A very silly Andi.

Why is it that Gus always gravitates toward the girl toys? I wonder if he will like them as much when Haz starts to become interested in them?

In St. Louis we went to a pumpkin patch/fall fun farm for kids.

Gus was a little bit afraid of the haystack mazes.

Hazel was in a great mood while we were there!

Kacy picking out pumpkins.

Cinderella's carriage turned into a pumpkin.

Gus picking out pumpkins.

Finally! It only took 6 months but we finally got a few decent family pictures!

Aunt Trish and Hazel.

The maze flashlights quickly became microphones.

Gus helping to label the pumpkins when we got home tonight.

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